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Free plan

  • SuperWriter: 1500 words / month

  • SuperChat: 20 messages / month

  • GPT.3.5

  • Chat / Texts History

  • 2 AI Images generation


Basic plan

  • SuperWriter: 500.000 words / month

  • SuperChat: 5.000 messages / month

  • SEO Optimization powered by AI

  • Chat / Texts History

  • 30 AI images generation

  • GPT.3.5

  • GPT.4 Turbo

  • GPT.4 Legacy


Enterprise plan

  • All Basic Plan

  • SuperChat: Unlimited words

  • SuperChat: Unlimited messages

  • 60 AI images generation

  • Wordpress integration

  • Social Networks Programming

Better than ChatGPT... we are SuperGPT

Higher level GPT tools so you can get the best texts for your website.
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The power of SuperGPT

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Unlimited questions, of any style and shape, so you can feel all the power of SuperGPT. Open 100%

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Personalize your writings

Our writing models allow you combinations to result in writings made by people

Blogging and writing assistant

Blog and writing guided through each step, resulting in a polished and complete final product.

Real-time AI

Now it is possible to connect GPT to the internet, to surpass all the writings of your competition

Complete AI Writer and Unlimited Chatbot

With a simple and improved GPT system, where there are no limits to your creativity.

Control 100% of your writing

We have created a scheme so that you can fully control your writing and be the director of the script.

Unleash your creativity

Overcome writer's block and reignite your creativity with the help of AI, which can help you generate fresh and innovative ideas.

In addition, you will be able to perform these common tasks, with complete normality

Write emails, create blog titles, create YouTube video and channel description, blog outlines, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, Google Ads ad titles, product descriptions, Amazon product titles and descriptions, calls to the action, SEO meta tags, Twitter Tweets (X) Instagram Hashtags, TikTok video scripts, image generator, SEO keywords, Keyworkds term search... Even if you have a cooking website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Just shoot us an email at!

What payment methods do you accept?

We support the following payment methods: PayPal account, Credit card.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the "Account Settings" section and selecting the unsubscribe option. You can also contact our support team for additional assistance.

The images generated by superGPT have copyright?

The images generated by our system and ordered by your prompt are for your property. The AI generate unique images on every question you make.

There is a free trial

Yes, we have the Free Plan, limited to 5000 words in SuperWriter and 50 messages in SuperChat. This way you can check the potential of the system. Start using SuperGPT and see for yourself the potential we offer designed especially for you

Will I receive a refund if I cancel my subscription?

You have a 5-day trial period, during this time you can request to cancel. However, after that period, no refunds will be given for cancellations. You can cancel at that time and return to the Free Plan.

Can I change my payment method after subscribing?

Yes, you can change your payment method at any time by going to the "Account Settings" section and selecting the change payment method option. Be sure to save your changes so they are reflected in your account.

What happens if my payment is not processed correctly?

If you experience problems processing your payment, we recommend that you verify your card or payment method information and make sure it is correct. If the issue persists, please contact our support team for further assistance. If the payment does not occur, your plan will change to the Free plan.

What is the cost of the monthly subscription?

The cost of the monthly subscription is 20 euros in the basic version, and 40 euros per month in the enterprise version. We offer different subscription plans to adapt to your needs. Normally, with the Basic Plan, it will be enough for an average user with 50,000 words in SuperWriter and 5000 messages in SuperChat. If you need more, you have unlimited words in the higher plan

What happens if I change my mind after canceling my subscription?

If you change your mind after canceling your subscription, you can reactivate it at any time. However, please note that the same terms or prices you previously had may not apply, as we make offers at specific times of the year.

How can I get a receipt or invoice for my payment?

You can get a receipt for your payment by going to the "Payment History" section in your account. From there, you will be able to download and save your paid invoices for future reference.

Does my data remain safe in superGPT?

On our platform, we take the protection of your privacy, business and payment information very seriously. Our system is encrypted to prevent theft or leaks. Regarding banking data, we work with Paypal and Stripe, highly reliable and secure payment processors. This means that all your payment information is handled securely through their platform. It is important to note that we do not store any payment information on our servers. When you make a payment or manage your plan, you will be redirected to a secure page. This ensures that any sensitive payment information is protected and is not accessed by us or anyone else at any time.