SuperGPT: Like ChatGPT, but better

“Without it, you’re playing in the minor leagues”

Discover GPT Super Powers

Three Tools

Super ChatGPT

Super Chat GPT is powered by the best artificial intelligence solutions. It will respond to your requests and give you alternatives with other features. Try it as soon as you want and enjoy this fantastic tool, optimized so that you feel the speed and precision in your questions, whatever they may be.

Super WriterGPT

Super Writer GPT is an exceptional writing tool that combines advanced artificial intelligence with unlimited creativity and accurate content in seconds. Ideal for writers, bloggers and professionals, it transforms any idea into magnificent texts, saving time and improving the quality of your work.

Super Image Generation

Generate exceptional and realistic images with the best artificial intelligence. You will have a gallery where access all images that you have done in order to view or download them whenever you want. The images created will be owned by your. Experiment with original and fantastic photos: SuperGPT can do all.

Less words, and let’s see what he does

Examples Super Writer

It’s best to ask your own questions.

Create a list of 8 questions for an interview about SEO that I am going to ask an expert on the subject

How would you apply Herbert Simon's "Theory of Limited Rationality" to challenges and problems of Collective Intelligence?

What do you recommend I visit if I go on a trip to Australia?

Create a table where the latest winners of the 100 meter sprint at the Olympic Games appear

I need a special dinning recipe for four persons

Better than ChatGPT... we are SuperGPT

Higher level GPT tools so you can get the best texts for your website.
Improved the GPT system so that you can obtain all the content for your website in a comfortable, simple and fast way. The system is perfect

Thinking about SEO

The power of SuperGPT

Better in SEO than ChatGPT. It focuses mainly on SEO so that your website shoots up positions.

Chatbot makes your life simple

Unlimited questions, of any style and shape, so you can feel all the power of SuperGPT. Open 100%

SuperWriter to dream

This tool, indicated by our clients as the best available. Using it once means never wanting to leave it again.

Thousands of ideas...

Personalize your writings

Our writing models allow you combinations to result in writings made by people

Blogging and writing assistant

Blog and writing guided through each step, resulting in a polished and complete final product.

Real-time AI

Now it is possible to connect GPT to the internet, to surpass all the writings of your competition

Complete AI Writer and Unlimited Chatbot

With a simple and improved GPT system, where there are no limits to your creativity.

Control 100% of your writing

We have created a scheme so that you can fully control your writing and be the director of the script.

Unleash your creativity

Overcome writer's block and reignite your creativity with the help of AI, which can help you generate fresh and innovative ideas.

In addition, you will be able to perform these common tasks, with complete normality

Write emails, create blog titles, create YouTube video and channel description, blog outlines, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, Google Ads ad titles, product descriptions, Amazon product titles and descriptions, calls to the action, SEO meta tags, Twitter Tweets (X) Instagram Hashtags, TikTok video scripts, image generator, SEO keywords, Keyworkds term search... Even if you have a cooking website

Do you want to feel power?